Are Men Seriously Wearing This?

Are Men Seriously Wearing This?

2017 Men's fashion trend winner.

Men's fashion has been through a pretty crazy roller coaster ride over the last 5 years. We have seen some unique, quirky, and over the top trends. For example, the iconic man bun that just recently burned out. The circle sunglasses that makes everyone look like a weird french interior designer and many other weird things. However, now we have the biggest most quirkiest trend to date, one that will definitely be written in the history books. This years winner of the most out of the box men's fashion trend is the MALE ROMPER!!

Male Romper romperjack

Yes, you heard me correctly the Male Romper does exist. Not only does it exist but it is sweeping the nation faster than Donald Trump jokes. So What sparked this weird trend? Well, this question is still somewhat a mystery but, here is what we do know: In May 2017 a couple of guys from Chicago launched a Kickstarter campaign to design a male romper. Their Idea exploded and within 5 days they managed to raise over $350,000.  Now small small boutique romper eCommerce sellers are popping up all over online  

We decided to see what everyone was raving about. So we recently googled male romper and found one of the few companies selling online. We came across RomperJack. RomperJack has 4 generic romper colors navy blue ,salmon, light blue, and white.  For the raving popularity of this trend, what was odd is we could only find 2 stores selling online that were not doing pre sale.  We decided to order Romper Jack's  original Navy Blue Romper. It took a little while to receive the order probably due to the overwhelming amount of previous orders being fulfilled.  We received the product about 10 days later and let me tell you I was excited when this thing arrived, it was actually pretty cool.  

 Romper Jack Male blue romper

It came in nice packaging neatly wrapped in nautical style roped ribbon. The Romper is made out of 100% woven cotton and has a solid stitched feel.  It was perfectly fitted, slim fitted to be exact.   The material was thin and breathable.   The only negative part was getting the romper on and off.  My brain was still trying to figure out the muscular movement needed to wiggle into a onesie jumpsuit.  Its rather awkward to get into and out of, oh and don't ever wear a romper if you are having bathroom issues that day. Going to the restroom in a romper is not ideal, you literally have to take the whole thing off to go number #2. Throughout the day the Romper Jack was easy to move around in and it was surprisingly comfortable.  I wore it for about 6 hours with no problem at all, and guess what? I would probably do it again.

My Final Thoughts

Male Rompers are definitely going to stick around.  I believe many colors and designs will continue to be developed.  The trend will continue to grow and spread across the US over the next couple of months.  I would recommend every male to own at least one of these, not just because they are comfortable but they are also a great ice breaker.


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